My Review On INTERSTELLAR (Spoilers)

Interstellar is about a family, with a dynamic that consisted of leaving his ten year old daughter and teenage son to space travel in hopes of finding a better world for them and ultimately in hope for the future to sustain the human race. All of his decisions were based on the idea of his family.

Honestly this film was a slow start for me to get into, but I personally did end up loving it. It was really good and consisted of a lot of things that we, as a human race, really need to be thinking about. This played on theories that might have been deemed as unimportant, but really do strike my interest.

One factor I considered was this: when scarcity in resources happens, it confines a persona’s mentality like how they were trying to focus on Earth and engineering didn’t matter anymore, they didn’t need them, they needed farmers. They weren’t considering space exploration and really it was as if it was forbidden as nobody even knew about it which can translate into that “survivor” mentality that the “working poor” have in America today, what brings us back to the reality that we are in. This really awakens a sense of trust–or distrust– in our government, the knowledge that is being presented to us, the knowledge that we might not know, the whole “ignorance is bliss” can ring true here since yeah, their world was not blissful but it wasn’t pointing to demise in the eyes of people, nor was it pointing to hope. It was pointing to a plateau, which might be considered worse. Cooper did know what would happen to their planet which is why he went into save-the-world mode and really did start something regardless if that’s not exactly where he wanted to have landed (no pun intended).

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