I decided I want to share all the information that I’ve been researching, as well as receiving.

I have hundreds upon hundreds of links and information (my screen usage went up 193% last week lol) and hundreds of pages that I have read through.

I have always said that the media is complicit. Although now, it’s leveled up for me.

I decided I wanted to write this because I myself, have always sought the truth, and in a time where there’s so much information being spread and sometimes out of context, as well as blatantly false information on social media, I have decided that I wanted to write. I know some of you have asked me in the past for it…so I’m here.

The point of all of this, is that I want you to come up with your own interpretation of the facts. The news reads the numbers, then regurgitates it to you in a way that makes sense to their own biases/agendas. I’m not here for any of that. I am here to give you the source of the information. And, yeah, I’ll add news articles that have discrepancy with each other. And most importantly, to transparently show you the information in a way that makes sense and is concise.

But none of this is for the media to dictate, it is for us, the people, to decide what we interpret- and more importantly – to be able to have all the facts transparently laid out for us! We are the critical thinkers, we don’t need someone else doing it for us.

This project for me has been a long time coming. If anyone wants to chat about anything I post, feel free. Inbox is always open.

Love & Light always,


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