Darkness Sonnet: A Poem

Darkness is not as dark as my dad’s eyes

When he left no one thought he’d close the door.
He didn’t just close but slammed it with lies,
It’s fine; none of us could take it any more
Loneliness is not a defense, he always said
Life isn’t easy, not like your mother
And yes, he knows, Jameson will have em’ dead
So come on now boy, pour me another
He can’t help himself my mom always says
Is that an excuse for his lifeless soul?
You reap what you sew when your life’s a mess
He will rot in the ground and burn like coal
So as said, that door is slammed shut and won’t
Open again,

he made his own coffin.

Call Thee, : Poem

Call me what you want
But my anger will remain
The rasp in my voice and voluptuous lips I’ll flaunt
When I speak I won’t refrain
He feeds on me through the night
I can’t help but let it
As if he’s a sort of parasite
This is information I omit
He’ll yell, scream, curse with strife
Not at me, just at friends
It’s hard to believe I long to be his wife.
They think I’ll wed and meet my life ends,
What they think doesn’t matter to me. 

It’s all about him and I, can’t you see?

The World At My Feet

You thought when you left you’d hurt me, that’s wrong
though. The only person you hurt is her
I’m not one to care, I dance my own song
You made her bleed, drenched on carpet floor
I was a first choice, how can I be mad?
She’s a second, maybe a third or fourth
Your goodbye to me is a hi world, sad
Unchained, my freedom undone, I head north
The world is mine now, to travel and roam
I can do anything, anytime, free
I’m no longer trapped underneath your dome
My life is mine now, it’s all about me.
So you’re welcomed to leave, the doors there
And I will close the planes door, my heart bare.

Hard Knock Life

I’m not safe in my workplace

I’m a hard worker, dubious though
But perhaps there is no safe space
Well how would I know

Serving servitude sedates souls

The factory is homely
Nobody has any goals
I am so lonely

I’m always tentative to speak to my boss
I’m an adversary like darkness against the light
IF I was gone it wouldn’t be a loss
I can only hope I don’t lose sight

I feel I am a peculiar value
I am apart of something bigger than even I can tell
I am the lion in the zoo
Nothing but a rebel

The morning rise is tentative to wake
As the sun bursts in through the small cell window
I work for sixteen hours for Pete’s sake
But what do I know better, than to sew?