“Soccer Girl”

Playing soccer, one could once say, was my passion. At one point in high school I was on three different teams. After the passion it felt like a long-term relationship. Playing soccer was a comfort, safety, stability and proved to be there for the long haul. I mean, I spent fifteen years of my short life playing. Long story short, I’ve gone (over)a year without it.

Sure, I can yoga my little heart out- but does that really compare to the rush of defending your net from a tie? The thrill of scoring a winning goal or playing right along side your best friends? And no, playing a pick up game every once in a while doesn’t count- or maybe it does count, but it isn’t enough for me.

As much as I can say I hated suicides, conditioning, a losing streak, I think what’s worse is how much I miss it. The perks of playing far better than not. But work gets in the way, school gets in the way and next thing you know, you haven’t played in I-dunno-how-long!

AFTER: The Movie, Thoughts (Spoilers Included)

Okay. I loved the AFTER book series. It completely pulled me in and drowned in the mess of Hardin and Tessa’s relationship. I follow Anna Todd on Insta (Duh!) and love her too. The books were a whirlwind of chaos and romance that I completely was devoured in.

I loved the movie – Tessa was GREAT. Steph was close to what I imagined her to be like – maybe a bit more bubbly?/girly? – Molly was GREAT. So perfect. Zed, Jace. Also really good fits. Loved Landon. The only person I was concerned about was Hardin, just because the image seemed more preppy than punk. I missed how he was supposed to have longer hair AND THAT LIP RING.

But, in the end, I thought the whole thing was perfect. They included major parts which is amazing. The chemistry between Hardin and Tessa was tangible. I wish they captured more of the back and forthness of their relationship, how it was very rocky and not just based upon a dare because even afterward it continued to be unstable.

Overall, I loved it and I hope they are able to capture more of the story in the next film. It’s so much more than just a ‘bad boy/good girl’ love story. They have a deeper foundation as their parents are both messed up in different ways, although Hardin’s dad had found resolution and improved his life greatly.

I CANT WAIT for their to be more movies as I am completely obsessed. Even in the theater you can tell the audience had read the books and were completely head over heels for the movie. IT WAS AWESOME!

Couchsurfing: My Experience and If I Recommend

Hello everyone!

Welcome. I hope your day (or night) is going well. I want to talk about a topic, a style of travel that many consider… unconventional. But nonetheless, many are still utterly curious about.

To begin with, Couchsurfing is an app/website, where people can join as travelers and either host, or be traveling. You put in what dates you’re traveling and a list of hosts appear that are taking in travelers during that period. You read their bios and see if you connect. Some offer rooms, other offer a bed or couch, maybe the floor, or even pitching a tent in their backyard. Regardless, it’s a free place to stay, which is a perk to the budget backpacker.

The host gets free cultural exchange, conversation and learning from a stranger. It’s a really personal and unique experience to share your home with someone who is completely foreign and unknown to you. Even if they’re from the other side of the country… you don’t know their life or experiences. And you want them to feel safe and comfortable in your place of course.

I’ve only hosted a couch surfer. Many times I think where people might dislike it or get creeped by it, is that yes, they are strangers. And the reliability in which they have also varies. Whether or not the host will fall through, or whether or not the traveller will fall through. It all depends. It’s kind of weird to think about I know. But the traveller gets a free personal tour guide and the host gets a cultural exchange unlike any other.

It’s a great experience as you have someone that you can learn all about, especially if you are unable to travel. One of the best parts about traveling is meeting new people from different walks of life. So if you’re unable to take a trip or backpack anytime soon, this is a great way to get that feeling and live vicariously. Some couch surfers don’t/can’t spend as much time with their hosts, but that’s a discussion between the host and them.

My personal experience was when I hosted this Australian chick. She was 18 years old and went on this backpacking trip alone staying in New York then moving on to Mexico. She was a vegetarian/vegan and coincidentally inspired me to become one (that’s for another post) which lasted nearly two years. She was worldly and knowledgable and introduced me to new foods and art museums. Basically I felt like I had a little sister staying with me. It worked because we were close in age. She felt more comfortable because we are the same gender. Her next couch surfing experience would be in Harlem which got me a tiny bit worried because, IDK, Harlem. She told me the first night she stayed at a hostel in the city and her phone was stolen (tldr; she did end up getting it back later). With me, she ended up extending her stay though so she did enjoy my company, and of course I enjoyed hers! She experienced a true Greek Easter. After she went to Mexico for about 4? Maybe 5? Months she had to come back through New York to go back to Australia, so she stayed with me for 2 days then as well, but I couldn’t spend much time with her then since I had school.

To this day we have each other on Social medias and keep in touch, which is pretty amazing. Of course I still have couch surfing and would love to do it myself once I get the opportunity to backpack one day, although of course as a female it is important to be cautious. There were stories floating in one of the hostels I stayed at in Poland that sometimes men could be creepy so it’s important to verify and check your hosts out first!!

What makes this so worth it is there are people from different walks of life, loving this passion of travel, trying to remain evermore connected and indulging in different cultures while keeping an open mind and providing a free way to travel- truly travel, as you get to hang with the locals.

English Teacher

I decided I wanted to be an English teacher in high school, but really that bounced between ER Doctor, then the little rampant of Trauma Surgeon, mixed with nursing, lawyer, yoga teacher and of course, author (still my dream)…

But I wrote teacher in my fifth grade year book so that has to count for something, right?  I’ve always loved to read and write so it was really no question for me, other than MONEY, about becoming a teacher. I liked kids. I taught Sunday school in high school. But I started my college career as pre-nursing and after two years of indecision, I don’t know what I wanna be, school is pointless, blah, I decided that I could’ve, and should’ve, just stuck with English teacher, since that’s what my original self wanted. What sealed that was when I went to Poland in 2017 and was part of a language-immersion camp as an English Instructor. I loved the students, I loved teaching and learning a new language as well. What I always had in common though were books, which really inspired me in how much language has a great connection to each other. One girl was obsessed with a book series that I had read, let alone how much everyone loves Game of Thrones and the whole Harry Potter and Percy Jackson series. There were different topics of conversation for each age group and with rich enthusiasm. This was the type of inspiration I wanted in my life forever so when I came back to America I applied to other schools and out of community college to start my life as an English major.

Now, let us come full circle. I got accepted into the Masters program I wanted to get into! YAYYYYYY


Nistisima, Vegan/Vegetarian Chilli

HI everyone!  I know I haven’t posted any sort of recipe or cooking type of thing but in fact I do LIKE to cook when I have time. So, I just figured I’d share this little recipe since it is quite filling and delicious:

1 Bag of Beyond Meat Beef
1 Red Pepper (diced)
1 Orange Pepper (diced)
1 Yellow Pepper (diced)
1/2 White Onion
1 Bag of Frozen Corn
1 Jar of Tomato Sauce
Dash of Cumin
Dash of Thyme

It gives a very sweet and spicy flavor. It’s absolutely delicious, nutritious and filling. Instead of the Beyond Meat substitute you could use just plain quinoa, but I enjoy the spices of the Beyond Meat. It’s more than enough to feed 5-6 people as well, which for a big Greek family like mine this is totally necessary! This went nicely with some jasmine rice as well.

An Analysis of Shakespeare’s Sonnet 71

Sonnet 71 by Shakespeare

No longer mourn for me when I am dead
Than you shall hear the surly sullen bell
Give warning to the world that I am fled
From this vile world with vilest worms to dwell:
Nay, if you read this line, remember not
The hand that writ it, for I love you so,
That I in your sweet thoughts would be forgot,
If thinking on me then should make you woe.
O! if, I say, you look upon this verse,
When I perhaps compounded am with clay,
Do not so much as my poor name rehearse;
But let your love even with my life decay;
Lest the wise world should look into your moan,
And mock you with me after I am gone.


  • Iambic pentameter
  • Ironic how speaker wants to be forgotten or at least not mentioned, yet keeps bringing it up throughout the poem. Also ironic in the sense that he wants to be forgotten yet when you write something you’re leaving a trace and thereby becoming immortal. (Okay is that too much for you reader, yet???)
  • Also how in the first line he uses “dead” which is like an ending and such a final permanent type of thing yet its only the first line and it continues…
  • Rhyme is appropriately Shakespearean
  • Also a bit of contradiction since he describes it as the wise world in Line 13 and vile world in Line 4.
  • He refers to himself as me in line 1 but then in line 6 he just says he’s the hand that wrote it!!
  • Clearly he cares about the beloved reputation more than he cares about himself.
  • Shakespeare uses diction by choosing words that sound like mourning. The couplet is also pretty weird though because are we looking to the world, society to judge what/who we choose to love? Obviously during that time we do…
  • “Surly sullen bell” the alliteration of the S sound is obvious. –>
  • Obviously the tone of a funeral bell is sadness and invites mourning. Also surly sullen bell uses personification by giving humanly characteristics to an object.
  • I think Shakespeare also plays with a hyperbaton but it could just be his day and age. But basically makes it more difficult to understand by placing words not in an order we’d normally read them as.

Writing Thoughts: Quizilla Days (Part 2)

Back in the day, I used to write for a site called Quizilla. By for a site I just mean that it was similar to watpad. You willingly wrote and people read your stories. I wrote a bunch of creative prose on there at around 12 years old which caught 30,000+ views on some of my stories. Unfortunately, the website was shut down and everything was lost. EXCEPT one of the most popular stories I wrote (30k+ views), Where The Devil Roams. I’m going to proceed to share this short story with you. It might take a while since it is a bit long, around 30 pages. But it’s still short compared to the long stuff we read, right? Heh. Anyways, I figure you’ll enjoy it. Most likely. IN OTHER WORDS: There’s more to come so read my stuff and LIKE IT.

Back to Quizilla. This could be said the beginning of me publicly being okay sharing my work. I always forget about this site because I’d only write shortish stories on there, since you could publish multiple chapters/a preface/epiface, so everything would come in parts. This really helped steer my creative writing as well, because people made ‘banners’ and would ‘ship’ my characters. I wish I had some of the banners that were made for these characters. Some of them were pretty incredible.

This site was really fun and also introduced me to fan fiction. I liked to read fan fiction but I was never a ‘fan’ (ha) (pun) of writing it.

tldr; I’m publishing a short story I wrote years ago that got 30k+ views, so like it.

Do you have any stories/poems you wrote when you were 12 or 13 and you thought were good?!

Writing Thoughts (Part 1)

Writing a blog is totally different than any other writing I’ve done – of course, apart from Odyssey Online.
Odyssey Online was a good experience while it lasted but it was short-lived as I got over it fast. I think I joined September or August 2017 and did it until March ’18. What I didn’t like about it at all was the fact that I HAD to write for an audience. For those of you who don’t know Odyssey Online is basically those articles you see on Facebook: “A Letter To My Childhood Best Friend”, “10 Ways To Get Over An Ex”, “5 Reasons You Know You’re In Love”, ETC. It’s all about writing click-baity lists/rants/opinions, whatever you want to call them, just to get the most views. I can’t stand that because of its lack of authenticity. Personally what I crave is authenticity. What their ACTUAL thoughts are, not just writing view-worthy materials that will make people click, click, click. So yes, this did help plant a seedling in my head that I wanted to write my own blog. I wanted a channel where I could spill my thoughts and opinions and talk about everything that’s important… TO ME. It’s a great way to connect with people with similar ideas, or differing ideas, and hear different viewpoints.

So… I guess you could say that it’s a good thing I did it, since it taught me what I didn’t want to do. I never want to feel like I’m writing for someone else’s eyes. Writing is so personal. I write for myself and take pleasure in people reading me. But I won’t allow myself to feel like I’m doing it for someone else, when this is what I love and it is for me as this is my passion. I’m not going to write so I can be categorized with click-baity, viewership, tangled with validation provided how many “shares” you get. I write because I have to. There’s no other feeling to describe it. It doesn’t matter if it’s totally private or being viewed. Writing, reading, connecting. The ability to feel in someone else’s shoes. I write because I have to.

Let’s take a good quote (also my senior quote from my high school year book)
from Isaac Asimov:

“I write for the same reason I breathe – because if I didn’t, I would die.”